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Treatment protocol :

Prior to the procedure

You will have a consultation with your dental surgeon during which he/she will propose several solutions. You will then select together the option that best meets your needs. Your dental surgeon will explain the procedure step by step: preparation of the jaw, placement of the implant(s), fitting and seating of the crown(s), follow-up and aftercare…

Preoperative examination

Based on X-rays (specific views), your dental surgeon will determine exactly where each implant should be placed and which sizes should be used. Appointments will be scheduled.
An impression of your mouth will be taken.
To ensure a safe procedure, the implantologist will get into touch with your general practitioner (or your specialist).

Dental implant placement surgery

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia at your dentist’s office (only in rare cases is it performed under general anesthesia). Main steps are:
– Local anesthesia
– Placement of dental implant(s)
– A temporary tooth may be placed on the implant for aesthetic purposes: it will have no chewing function.

After the surgery

Normal activities can be resumed a few hours after the surgery. You will be able to return to work the next day and rapidly eat soft foods.
To relieve any pain or discomfort you may feel after the surgery, pain killers can be prescribed by your dental surgeon.

More detailed information is provided in section “Implant follow-up and aftercare”.

Has your jawbone insufficient bone to support dental implants?
A variety of bone augmentation techniques are available allowing dental implants to be placed. A detailed protocol has been designed for each technique. These procedures are widely used and involve: use of various bone replacement materials, use of bone substitutes, sinus lift ….).

Your dental surgeon will discuss with you all of the options available to you.