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Importance to have a healthy mouth

There are a number of reasons for losing one or several teeth: accident, gum disease (periodontal disease), tooth decay, tooth abscess, genetics.

It is important to have a good oral health.
Healthy teeth are essential to looking good and feeling great: you can smile and laugh, eat and speak with comfort and confidence.
The influence on your quality of life is considerable.

Replace your missing teeth is essential, why?

The loss of one or several teeth can severely affect your oral environment, and has a lot more consequences than is generally thought:

Bone resorption :
When a tooth root is missing, bone is no longer stimulated during chewing, and in a matter of a few weeks it begins to resorb and shrink. This will lead to a gradual facial sagging along with premature ageing.

Drift and tilt of adjacent teeth :
When teeth are missing, the adjacent teeth begin to tilt and drift into gaps. If appropriate treatment is not provided rapidly, it will likely be more costly and time-consuming later on, as in most cases the adjacent teeth will also need to be treated.
Difficulty with chewing :
As the ability to chew is compromised, the digestion process can be severely impaired. Dental implants will allow you to recover lost sensations and rediscover chewing efficiency.
Loss of self-esteem  :
If the gap is particularly conspicuous, you may feel self-conscious when you talk and avoid smiling and laughing.
Articulation and phonological disorders :
If missing teeth are not replaced right away, many problems can occur, including: slurred speech, pain in the joints, and even osteoarthritis.

Dental implants are the best solution to the problem of missing teeth!