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Patient Stories

Martine, 55 years-old

I missed several teeth, which was a problem to me as this caused partial loss of sensation, and I felt very embarrassed when I met people. My dentist suggested dental implants be placed.
Since then, I have recovered self-esteem and rediscovered the pleasure of laughing.

Thomas, 22 years-old

I lost a tooth during a competition. My dentist explained to me the various options available and I finally selected dental implant restoration.
I wanted to preserve my healthy teeth.
Thanks to the dental implant, I could return to sports and I have a bright smile again.

Pierre, 70 years-old

You see, my real pleasure in life is gastronomy. But my denture was a problem. I felt discomfort and it prevented me from enjoying food. Now, with my dental implants, my chewing sensation has greatly improved and I have recovered my sense of taste.

Julie, 30 years-old

I had a tooth infection and my tooth had to be extracted. Based on my dentist’s advice, I decided to be treated with a dental implant, and I must say that I will never regret my choice. I strongly recommend dental implants.